New Priorities Campaign

Campaign to end wars & cut the military budget

Declaration of Principles (full text)

Declaration of Principles

Of the

Bay Area Campaign for New Priorities

(en español)

  • Invest in our People, Communities, Infrastructure and environment to Create Jobs

  • End the War in Afghanistan and No New Wars

  • Cut the Pentagon Budget to Meet our Domestic Needs

  • Tax the Rich, the Banks,  the Oil Companies and all Giant Corporations.  They must pay their fair share.

Our Objectives

  • Gather the signatures of many thousands of Northern Californians who agree with these priorities;

  • Obtain the endorsement of these priorities by many Northern California community, religious, and labor organizations.

  • Use these signatures and endorsements to persuade City Councils in Northern California to support these priorities;

  • Seek commitment of the Northern Californian Congressional Delegation to advance these priorities.

If you agree with these principles, we invite you to Sign the Declaration of Principles of the Campaign for New Priorities and get organizations to endorse it.

Our nation is deep in an economic crisis that can only be addressed by adopting New Priorities to create a sustainable economy for the 21st Century. We need our resources allocated to:

  • Aid state and local government to restore and maintain public services, education, social programs, reemploying teachers, police, firefighters and other workers who provide vital public services;

  • Create jobs in both the private and public sectors by rebuilding our outdated and failing physical infrastructure and our deteriorating cities, and developing and investing in new technologies for a sustainable energy future;

  • Finance renewable energy programs and environmental cleanup to put our country on an ecologically sustainable path in the 21st Century, creating stable jobs paying good incomes that will stay in the United States;

  • Take emergency measures to address the dramatic increase in poverty and inequality in our country – provide for decent food, shelter, education, health care for all, repair the social safety net and protect Social Security and Medicare.

Instead our resources are being wasted prosecuting endless wars.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a consequence of a foreign policy that has used force of arms as a substitute for diplomatic engagement, and that so far has cost us more than $1 trillion of borrowed money – a debt to be borne by future generations.   These wars have generated increased threats to our national security as well as death and injury to thousands in our military and uncounted Iraqi and Afghan civilians who have also suffered physical and environmental destruction of their societies.

Our total military budget, at more than $700 billion per year, accounts for 43% of global military spending. More than two decades after the end of the Cold War, many billions of dollars are being allocated to maintain and modernize our enduring arsenal of nuclear weapons and to add to the staggering number of U.S. military bases on foreign soil. We do not need this to provide for the legitimate defense needs of the people of the United States.

Our nation needs foreign and defense policies that serve the authentic needs of maintaining our security in a world where the use of force should be the last resort, not the first response.  Our foreign policy should serve the interests of global peace, not the interests of the military–industrial complex.

  • We call upon the Northern California Congressional delegation to commit to the rapid and safe withdrawal of all of our troops and contractors from Iraq and Afghanistan and the dismantling of all U.S. military bases in those countries.

  • We urge them to support efforts to help rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan with aid channeled through established international organizations.

Our nation’s security can best be strengthened by reliance on diplomacy and negotiation, on economic development and education, rather than more troops, weapons and war.

Initiating Signers * * * * Endorsing Organizations

Sign the Declaration of Principles

Download the Declaration in PDF

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