New Priorities Campaign

Campaign to end wars & cut the military budget

Elected Officials Who Endorse the Campaign

Please note that there have been no refusals to date.  Contact with additional elected officials is still being pursued.
(Contact us NPC at to provide updates to this list.)
Members of Congress
Cong. Lee Endorsement

Barbara Lee Endorses New Priorities Campaign

           Barbara Lee, 9th C.D.
           Marge Atkinson – City Council 
            Tom Bates – Mayor
            Darryl Moore – City Council
            Kriss Worthington – City Council
            Jesse Arreguin – City Council
            Linda Maio – City Council
            Max Anderson – City Council
            Ann-Marie Hogan – Auditor
            Beatriz Leyva-Cutler – School Board
            Karen Hemphill – School Board 
El Cerrito  
            Greg Lyman, City Council Member 
            Larry Bragman - Mayor
            Jean Quan - Mayor
            Rebecca Kaplan – City Council             
            Pat Kernighan – City Council
            Libby Schaaf – City Council
            Dan Kalb - City Council
            Nancy Nadel – City Council (retired)
            Jane Brunner – City Council (retired)
            Courtney Ruby - Auditor
            David Kakashiba – School Board 
San Pablo   
            Genoveva Calloway - City Council 
            Leonard McNeil - Vice Mayor
            Cecilia Valdez - City Council  
Alameda County
            Keith Carson – Board of Supervisors    
            Wilma Chan – Board of Supervisors  
            Nate Miley - Board of Supervisors            
Contra Costa County  
            Antonio Medrano - West Contra Costa Board of Education  
Peralta Community College District
            Nicky Gonzalez-Yuen
            Cy Gulassa
            Abel Guillen 
AC Transit Board
            Chris Peeples
            Joel Young 
Board of Education
            Sheila Jordan 
San Francisco Board of Supervisors
            Eric Mar  
Stege Sanitary District   
            Al Miller, Board Member 

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