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City of El Cerrito Adopts New Priorities Resolution

by Michael Eisenscher
July 17th, 2012

Following presentations by members of the El Cerrito Working Group of the Bay Area New Priorities Campaign, the El Cerrito, CA City Council unanimously adopted a New Priorities resolution that had been submitted by the Campaign.The Working Group, led by Betty Brown and Al Miller, presented testimony by more than a half dozen community members, plus comments by Michael Eisenscher, National Coordinator of U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) and an organizer of the Bay Area Campaign.  In support of the resolution, Eisenscher submitted a number of documents:El Cerrito’s Share of the Cost of the Pentagon Budget and WarContra Costa County Pentagon Spending and Social Needs

Contra Costa County Cost of Wars

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Eisenscher noted that El Cerrito had a budget deficit of $313,000 and as a consequence, the city forced its employees to pick up an additional 3% contribution toward their employee pensions, left positions vacant, offered buyouts to get long time senior employees to retire, deferred capital projects and made other cuts to city services (as reported in the El Cerrito Patch).  He then pointed out the amount of tax dollars that residents of El Cerrito sent to the Federal Government to fund the wars and pay for the bloated Pentagon Budget.

El Cerrito New Priorities Resolution.062912.pdf


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