New Priorities Campaign

Campaign to end wars & cut the military budget


The New Priorities Campaign brings together organizations and individuals from diverse constituencies, communities and movements to demand of our public officials a change of direction for the U.S. – one that prioritizes putting people back to work, restoring and fully funding essential public services, rebuilding and repairing infrastructure, funding the development of new alternative energy technologies, cleaning up and protecting the environment, developing a sustainable peace economy, reducing poverty and inequality, and generally meeting important social and other human needs.

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NPC Activists at SF Bd. of Supvs. Hearing

New Priorities Campaign activists gather after the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to adopt a strong New Priorities resolution, December 13, 2011

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Organizations may register their endorsement of the Campaign HERE.


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War and Taxes – A New Priorities Campaign Video

This 57MB presentation can be downloaded.
Download Power Point version:
New Priorities Campaign Introductory Slide Show  

This is a video version of a narrated Powerpoint presentation on the impact of the economic crisis, war and militarism on the working people of the U.S.  It was prepared for the New Priorities Campaign by Michael Eisenscher, National Coordinator of USLAW.  It is just under 31 minutes in length, however, the final slides, which include an excerpt from a recording of a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and a closing song, can be skipped, which will trim 3 mins. and 40 seconds. 

The presentation is divided roughly into three segments. The first describes the impact of the economic crisis on workers, and growing inequality (8 1/2 mins.). The second shows the impact of the wars and military spending (9 mins.). The third presents a summary of the Budget for All issued by the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and the case for demanding new budgetary, political, social and economic priorities (9 mins.). The final 4 1/2 minutes includes information about the Bay Area New Priorities Campaign, the credits, an excerpt of a speech by Dr. King and a closing song.

Tony Auth
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Your Tax Dollars at War
  The Military-Industrial Security Complex explained by Robert Reich in under two-and-a half minutes.


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