New Priorities Campaign

Campaign to end wars & cut the military budget

Declaration of Principles (full text)

Declaration of Principles

Of the

Bay Area Campaign for New Priorities

(en español)

  • Invest in our People, Communities, Infrastructure and environment to Create Jobs

  • End the War in Afghanistan and No New Wars

  • Cut the Pentagon Budget to Meet our Domestic Needs

  • Tax the Rich, the Banks,  the Oil Companies and all Giant Corporations.  They must pay their fair share.

Our Objectives

  • Gather the signatures of many thousands of Northern Californians who agree with these priorities;

  • Obtain the endorsement of these priorities by many Northern California community, religious, and labor organizations.

  • Use these signatures and endorsements to persuade City Councils in Northern California to support these priorities;

  • Seek commitment of the Northern Californian Congressional Delegation to advance these priorities.

If you agree with these principles, we invite you to Sign the Declaration of Principles of the Campaign for New Priorities and get organizations to endorse it.

Our nation is deep in an economic crisis that can only be addressed by adopting New Priorities to create a sustainable economy for the 21st Century. We need our resources allocated to:

  • Aid state and local government to restore and maintain public services, education, social programs, reemploying teachers, police, firefighters and other workers who provide vital public services;

  • Create jobs in both the private and public sectors by rebuilding our outdated and failing physical infrastructure and our deteriorating cities, and developing and investing in new technologies for a sustainable energy future;

  • Finance renewable energy programs and environmental cleanup to put our country on an ecologically sustainable path in the 21st Century, creating stable jobs paying good incomes that will stay in the United States;

  • Take emergency measures to address the dramatic increase in poverty and inequality in our country – provide for decent food, shelter, education, health care for all, repair the social safety net and protect Social Security and Medicare.

Instead our resources are being wasted prosecuting endless wars.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a consequence of a foreign policy that has used force of arms as a substitute for diplomatic engagement, and that so far has cost us more than $1 trillion of borrowed money – a debt to be borne by future generations.   These wars have generated increased threats to our national security as well as death and injury to thousands in our military and uncounted Iraqi and Afghan civilians who have also suffered physical and environmental destruction of their societies.

Our total military budget, at more than $700 billion per year, accounts for 43% of global military spending. More than two decades after the end of the Cold War, many billions of dollars are being allocated to maintain and modernize our enduring arsenal of nuclear weapons and to add to the staggering number of U.S. military bases on foreign soil. We do not need this to provide for the legitimate defense needs of the people of the United States.

Our nation needs foreign and defense policies that serve the authentic needs of maintaining our security in a world where the use of force should be the last resort, not the first response.  Our foreign policy should serve the interests of global peace, not the interests of the military–industrial complex.

  • We call upon the Northern California Congressional delegation to commit to the rapid and safe withdrawal of all of our troops and contractors from Iraq and Afghanistan and the dismantling of all U.S. military bases in those countries.

  • We urge them to support efforts to help rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan with aid channeled through established international organizations.

Our nation’s security can best be strengthened by reliance on diplomacy and negotiation, on economic development and education, rather than more troops, weapons and war.

Initiating Signers * * * * Endorsing Organizations

Sign the Declaration of Principles

Download the Declaration in PDF

6 responses to “Declaration of Principles (full text)

  1. Jana Lane 12/31/2010 at 4:34 pm

    These are the essential principles for progress. I look forward to working on them.

  2. Dennis 08/18/2011 at 8:15 pm

    A 10 Point Program to Restore America’s Greatness

    1)Promote unions and protect worker’s rights. The one thing that will get our economy moving and restore our democracy is to redistribute income back to the majority of the American people so that the productivity gains of the last 30 years go to the 95% of workers who produce the goods and service that we consume and not to the top 5% who expropriate them. In order to do this we must promote full employment and protect worker’s rights. The decline of unionization in the US is directly correlated with the concentration of wealth in the upper echelons of society. As worker’s wages have stagnated or fallen the incomes of the top 5% of US citizens has skyrocketed. The health and influence of unions are social indicators of the health and welfare of the society as a whole. The benefits earned by workers are the bell-weather for benefits that the whole society enjoys such as the 8 hour day, the 5 day week, unemployment insurance, paid vacations and other hard fought rights that are considered the hallmarks of our civil society.
    2)End the wars, bring the troops home, stop intervening in other countries affairs. We have wasted untold trillions on illegal and counterproductive wars and interventions that have produced nothing more than blow-back. Our interventions have killed and maimed more innocent children, women and men than the conflicts we seek to resolve. We do not need armies or navies to secure our trade routes or sea lanes. Our armed forces are deployed to protect the foreign interests of multinational corporations. We should not entangle ourselves in the internal affairs of foreign countries or intervene in their regional conflicts except as mediators.
    3)Change our system of corporate governance. Rescind corporate person-hood. Make corporations public trusts. Corporations were originally set-up to engage in productive work for the public benefit. Their fiduciary responsibility was to make a reasonable return on investment while preserving and protecting the commonwealth. They therefore could have their charters revoked if they failed to live up to those responsibilities. Corporations were not intended to have personal rights protected by the constitution. Their rights and obligations should be legislated and subject to citizen oversight. In order to reverse the “old boy networks” that have usurped control of our corporations it should be legislated that corporate boards should have representation of all stakeholders involved in their operations including workers, management, NGOs and appropriate government agencies.
    4)Take the money out of politics. All candidates who meet a set of minimum requirements should receive equal amounts of public funds to wage their campaigns. Money is not speech and if needed a constitutional amendment should be sponsored to regulate campaign financing.
    5)Raise revenues. According to the CBO 2010-2020 report if we rescind the Bush tax cuts we’d generate 7 trillion dollars in new revenue over the next ten years. If we upped the estate tax (as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates advocate) and stopped our wasteful military and war spending we’d generate trillions more in REVENUE. We could get our deficit and debt down to manageable levels within years not decades.
    6)Create jobs. Both the private and public (governmental) sectors produce jobs. Public servants are indispensable and honorable members of the community. First responders, teachers, health care workers and those who staff government agencies are major social and economic assets. Rather than reducing public employment it needs to be expanded. Public spending also generates private sector employment. Companies to whom work is contracted hire workers to do the work that our nation deems essential. Employing more workers generates disposable income to increase demand to revitalize our economy.
    7)End Outsourcing. Tax companies that outsource factories and jobs and give tax breaks to incentivize domestic manufacturing. By investing the money in productive activity, like a renewed space program, revitalization of our infrastructure, restoring the environment, developing clean energy, and investing in human capital (schools, clinics, health care and the jobs that go with them) we generate new enterprises which will lead to a boom in the private sector economy. Tax revenues would skyrocket and we could replenish our coffers to fund Social Security and Medicare for all, etc. It is public/private partnerships with strong democratic oversight that will jump-start economic growth and development. If we did all of that we would spur domestic demand and consumption and have sustained economic growth.
    8)Protect the environment. Protecting the environment and restoring wetlands and degraded habitats will produce jobs and save our heritage for future generations. Conservation is a conservative practice.
    9)Develop alternative energy sources. The technology to convert to alternative clean energy exists now. By investing in these technologies we will create new industries and new jobs. We will reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources and become more secure within our own borders.
    10)Honor and protect all our citizens. Stop the genocide against the Dineh-Navajo, the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) and all other Native People and Nations, implement amnesty for undocumented workers and reform our immigration policies to allow families to reunite, stop all deportations, free and rehabilitate non-violent offenders by expunging their records, restoring their rights and offering them vocational training, repeal the Marriage Inequality Act and legislate full marriage equality, support equal pay for equal work.

    • Terri Lynn Sullivan 10/12/2011 at 9:16 pm

      This is a fabulous movement that gives me hope. People need to understand that the 99% are actually more successful people than the 1% that might be “rich” in money, but not in character where it really counts. The 99% represent people like me that are MBA’s, mothers tired of seeing budget cuts accross our schools and even private schools where parents pay $20K year for their kids to go to K-8 bandrupted. People with MPH’s, nurses having packages cut, small business owners at risk due to greed. It’s not merely our current wars that need to end, the USA canot afford to play perpetual Global cop anymore at all. One more war will collaspe us like the Sovet Union. All empires destroy themselves in the end. Let’s hope its not too late.

  3. ray hersey 08/24/2011 at 10:32 am

    This has to be done now!

  4. Patrick Monk.RN. 11/09/2011 at 1:56 pm

    No way to easily share this on Facebook without ‘giving permission’ to another entity to access my information !! Just to bad that so many ‘people’s’ organisations have adopted this practice.

  5. Norma 11/27/2012 at 9:23 am

    wonderful and thank you!!!

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